Design lighting spectra, share your designs, control your tunable lights

Unleash your creativity with scientifically sound results for any tunable lighting technology
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Light spectrum is of utmost importance in your lighting products and projects

Stay ahead of your competitors by designing the right light at the right time in the blink of an eye.

Design light, spectrally!

This is the central piece every lighting company and professional must face to keep the pace of today's tunable lighting solutions. The Spectral Tool will help you build meaningful, optimized spectral power distributions, either static or dynamic, for your new project in just 5 steps. Get a full report with all the scientific indicators and layman statements of the suitability of your designed light for your intended application.

Organize your lighting projects

Get your own Spectra Database and share its contents whenever needed with your peers, or just keep them private. Reuse your previous designs for upcoming products and projects saving time and money. Spectrally tunable lighting is now digital, and its time for you to own your contributions.

Control your lights

Remotely apply your designed light to your installations through our IoT infrastructure. Organize your tunable lights into spaces and grant control privileges for your collaborators to use them. You can even link a spectrometer to send real-time measurements that dynamically change the light in your installation.

Spectral design that responds to the most up-to-date scientific indicators, in no time

Want to create meaningful lighting projects? Let us do the hard job for you!
Get enrolled in HCL projects (optimized melatonin/non-visual depending on the time of the day), with highest color fidelity/preference/vividness, with lowest material damage potential, and many more attributes!

Cool, eh? Stay tuned!

This is just a beta version. You are welcome to use it for free while we grow and refine its development.
If you want to hear about our future plans and new developments, let's get in touch!

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Scientifically reliable lighting design made easy

Company info is developed and maintained by LEDMOTIVE, a Barcelona based start-up specialized in the development of spectrally aware advanced lighting products and services.

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